Friday, 24 February 2012

Calico Brown Ale

Tenaya Creek Brewery

Las Vegas, Nevada

American Pale Ale

Dark Amber


Ok, first of all, pour this beer into a glass.  As a matter of fact, all Ales should be poured into a glass.  Beer needs to breathe and needs to release all of its flavor.  When I first opened the bottle it had a slight fruity smell to it.  The slight spiciness gives this beer that fruity smell.  But don't let the smell fool you, it has nothing to do with fruit.  The hop factor in this beer is mild to slight.  The finish is smooth but has just a tiny bit of aftertaste, bitterness if you will.  If you want to drink this beer with a meal, try having Pork Chops with it.  It will definitely compliment it.

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