Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bacon Maple Ale

Rogue Brewing Company

Newport, Oregon

Brown Ale

Light Copper

Not Stated

Well, this has to be the weirdest beer I've ever had.  Rogue Brewing teamed up with a local doughnut shop called Voodoo Doughnut and created a beer called Bacon Maple Ale.  If you like sprinkled doughnuts then this beer is for you.  It has a really sweet taste due to actual maple syrup in the ingredients and then changes to a stronger aftertaste because of the bacon in the ingredients.  This beer is nuts!! Great at first, then, depends on how your sweet tooth is, changes to a more normal but still strange aftertaste.  Bacon isn't really a dominate taste in this beer, it's more for controlling the sweetness.   It only comes in 750 mL bottles which means that you need more people around you while tasting it.  I only had about 6 ounces before I couldn't drink anymore.  This beer is really, really an acquired taste so good luck.  


  1. Glad to see you back....

    Thanks for this review. I now know I will never buy this beer!

  2. The weirdness hooks you into trying it and the look of the bottle. Tried it once and thats enough ..