Sunday, 22 July 2012

Elysian Peste Chocolate Chili Ale

Elysian Brewing Company

Seattle, Washington

Strong Ale

Dark Copper


I was really intrigued by the design of the bottle.  Really crazy looking worm.  The smell hits you like a freight train.  It's really hard to determine what the smell is.  I had to smell it a few times (about 10 times) and it had a peppery, sweet BBQ sauce smell to it.  When I poured it into a glass it looked like a porter.  But soon as I looked at the glass I noticed that it had flakes in it.  I didn't really think anything of it until I sipped it.  Holy crap was it spicy!! I had to look at the ingredients and this beer is brewed with cocoa, cinnamon and a blend of chipotle, cayenne, ancho, guajillo and pasilla peppers.  If you're not into the spice, then I suggest that you avoid this beer.  After having a few sips, I determined that the flakes in the beer was actually a peppery powder (cayenne?).  I also soon realized that the chocolate part of the beer was only the color.  The chocolate isn't really a factor and I couldn't taste that part at all.

Ok back to the taste.  When you drink it, you think that you're drinking a cayenne pepper sauce.  It's really spicy at first but then the aftertaste is milder but lingers in your throat and not in your mouth.  The aftertaste is a really slow heat.  This beer would be a really, really, good marinade for pork chops, or thinly cut lamb. 

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