Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer Honey Hefe

Hoyne Brewing Co.

Victoria, British Columbia


Cloudy Golden


Hoyne Brewing Company is new to the craft beer scene but is making a name for itself with the quality of beer they produce.  Their Summer Honey Hefe is one of them.  The aroma this beer produces is pretty typical of a Hefeweizen but the taste is unique.  The honey makes this beer more refreshing and smoother than the other Hefe's out there.  It's crispier and the honey really stands out in the finish.  On the bottle, it is noted that the cloudyness of the beer is high.  However, when I poured it in the glass, it was cloudy but not as much as most of the Hefe's I've had.  For me, I would have rated it right in the middle of the scale.  This is great summer beer and goes great with a turkey sandwich. 

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