Saturday, 25 August 2012

Switchback IPA

Lighthouse Brewing Company

Victoria, British Columbia




Lighthouse Brewing Company has to be one of my favorites breweries.  Bonus that it's a local brewery (by local I mean it's from BC)  Their beers have a unique style.  Although they have the normal styles, the taste of their beers are different and sets them apart from the other Craft Breweries.  They should consider calling there style of ales "Westcoast Style Ales". 

Take for example their Switchback IPA.  To me this beer is spot on.  This is what an IPA should taste like. I've had IPA's from 5.5% all the way to 8.5% and let me tell you that being at 6.5%, this beer is right on par to what an IPA should be.  As soon as you crack it open, the flavorful aroma hits you right away.  The smell gets better and more aromatic when you pour it in a glass.  It's perfectly hoppy (medium - heavy) and the taste is very clean and crisp.  The aftertaste is great and lasts long enough where you can actually enjoy this beer from the start right down to the finish.  If you like cigars but don't like scotch, this beer is a great substitute.  By the way... for an IPA this beer has great head retention.

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