Sunday, 16 September 2012

What The Huck - Huckleberry Wheat Ale

Fernie Brewing Company

Fernie, British Columbia

Flavored Wheat Ale

Foggy Light Purple (makes sense?)


There's something about a beer label with a figure doing the superman jump on a bike that makes me want to pick it up and take it home.  Fernie Brewing Company started in 2003 and has exploded in popularity.  They even had to build a new brewery just to keep up with demand.  But the reward for their hard work and dedication to making quality craft beer are the awards that they have won.  I can list them but I'm lazy so just go to their website.

A lot of people I know like to drink wheat ales.  But for some reason they haven't had any flavored ones.  I always tell them to give it a try, even recommending certain ones.  What The Huck - Huckleberry Wheat Ale in particular is one that will be on top of my list to recommend to any one of my friends willing to try a flavored wheat ale.  Open the bottle, pour it in the glass, then let your nose guide you.  It smells almost like a typical wheat ale but the subtle fruity (huckleberry) aroma makes this beer distinctive in a positive way.  The taste is very clean, crisp and refreshing.  But most importantly (to me) it is very smooth.  The huckleberry is subtle but it's there throughout the journey from the smell right down to the finish.  The aftertaste is refreshing as well and fully quenches your beer desire.  A really great summer beer.  From the beginning to the end, this beer is really well executed. 

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