Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fat Tug IPA

Driftwood Brewery

Victoria, British Columbia

India Pale Ale

Medium Copper (depending on lighting)


A lot of people I know have had this beer and recommended it to me.  It's been on my list for a long time now.  Well folks, I finally had the pleasure of trying it out.  At first the smell wasn't quite there.  It was very weak.  I soon realized that I poured it a little too full in the glass causing the smell to dissipate quickly.  After a few sips (3 as matter of fact) I was able to smell the fruity goodness of this beer.  The taste is VERY hoppy.  You really have to like IPA's to appreciate this beer.  It has a slight crispness to it and the finish does not linger. The finish lets you know that you've had a well crafted IPA.  The bitterness is kept to a minimum.  I wouldn't recommend this beer to anyone who likes Pale Ales and wants to graduate to IPA's.  This IPA is more of a Masters Degree of IPAs.  Great beer all around, from the first smell, right down to the finish. 


  1. One of my favourites. You're right though - it's pretty much top of the hops. But there is one place further to go... Brew Dog's "Punk IPA". AMAZING.