Friday, 12 October 2012

Pin-up Porter

Southern Oregon Brewing Company

Medford Oregon


Dark (not stout dark)


This brewery is new to me.  Mainly because we don't get it in Canada. (or maybe we do but I haven't seen it yet) It's ok, I live 2 seconds from the border so if I'm really jonesing for this beer, I can just go across, get gas, cheese, milk, and this beer. 

Well, it's fall and it's also just about Porter season so hey, why not review a Porter.  Opening up this beer you can smell the hint of chocolate and coffee.  It's a really good mix.  The coffee is more predominate in the taste.  If you don't like smokiness in a beer, then this beer is not for you.  It's not overly smokey but just enough to deter the weak or the newbies.  To me it was a really good blend.  The beer itself is very smooth (like you would find in a typical porter) and has a slight crispness to it.  The finish is clean, and very enjoyable.  This Porter is not for everyone but it will be enjoyed by most.

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