Saturday, 20 October 2012

Steamworks Pilsner

Steamworks Brewing Co.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Dark Yellow


When I think about Pilsner, it always reminds me about the beer my dad used to drink.  You know which one... The green can with the old school car, the train, plane, teepee, and sometimes, the yellow rabbits.  I've never been into Pilsners but for some reason I've decided to give Steamworks Pilsner a try.  When I poured it in the glass and smelled it, it had a slight skunky smell to it.  But don't let the smell mean that the beer was off.  It probably wasn't (remember, I'm not a big fan of pilsners). The taste does have a crispness to it and the flavor did dance around the sides of my tongue in a good way.  The hop was slight and the finish wasn't too overpowering.  But the aftertaste had a slight bitterness to it.  To me, this is a beer that I can only have once.  If you're a fan of Pilsner, give it a try but I'm sure that there are way better Pils out there that are better than this.  Sorry Steamworks but to me it's a swing and a miss 

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