Saturday, 17 November 2012

Persnickety Pale Ale

2 Beers Brewing Company

Seattle, Washington

Pale Ale

Light Copper


The general rule of thumb is that all ales should be poured in a glass to release the flavor.  And the glass should be such that the top should be double the width as the bottom.  This is a great rule and one that I follow religiously but sometimes you have to be careful when using this rule.   The Persnickety Pale Ale is one that you should be careful when pouring it out because having a narrow bottom makes this beer really foamy.  Even when you pour it slowly the head still rises.  The smell is mellow but has a zest to it.  When you sip it, again the foam explodes in your mouth (dirty jokes aside) and will leave you gassy.  Great malt flavor and the finish is smooth.  It's very refreshing leaving me to think that this beer is a really good summer beer.  Sorry people, I can't say much more about this beer because the foam to overpowering.

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