Sunday, 11 November 2012

Powell IPA

Coal Harbour Brewing Company

Vancouver, British Columbia

India Pale Ale



Before I begin to say what I have to say about this beer, I really enjoyed the taste of this beer. 

Smelling this beer, I was intrigued.  It had a really flavorful hoppy, fruity aroma.  I was really exited to taste this beer.  When I tasted it, I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't all that overwhelmed by the flavor.  Based on the smell, when I took a sip, I expected the hop to stand out.  However, it didn't.  But don't be quick to judge, the hop was there but it was mild and left a slight bitter aftertaste.  Great malt flavor and I believe it masked the hoppyness to the level that made it mild and didn't give it the bite that I expected.  I did like the flavor of this beer and I will drink it again. 

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