Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hoptimus Prime Double IPA

Ruckus Brewing Company

New York, New York

Strong IPA

Light Copper


Right off the bat I want to say that I really enjoyed this beer.  The thing that I like most about it was that it tasted better and better the more you drank it.  Smelling this beer you notice that it has a really good citrus- hoppy aroma.  The flavour is something that is very unique.  It is so damn tasty!  It has a really good hop flavour, and equally impressive malt taste.  The hops are really well balanced with the malts in this one.  For a beer that is dry hopped, the bitterness is kept to a minimum but the finish does have that malty lingering aftertaste but not enough to keep me away from this one.  This beer is one that will definitely be in my fridge in the VERY near future.   

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