Sunday, 13 January 2013

Paddles Up Pale Ale

The Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, British Columbia

Pale Ale

Light Copper


The bottle says "Small Brewery BIG FLAVOUR!" This beer truly stands up to that motto.  The smell is very light but you can, however, make out the citrus aroma.  When you taste it, you best be sitting down because the flavour hits you like a locomotive.  It literally takes over your senses and all you can think about is how good this beer tastes.  It's lightly hopped (not really noticeable at all) leaving this beer really refreshing.  It has a great malt flavour that tastes more on the sweet side.  Do I taste honey in the beer?  I think so!!  This beer is crisp and the finish is smooth and clean.  It leaves no residue on the back of your tongue.  This is a beer that one that you'd crave on a hot summer day.  Unlike a typical Pale Ale, it's a definite thirst quencher. (Just like the bottle says)

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