Thursday, 14 March 2013

Indigo Dragon Double IPA

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Edmonton, Alberta

Double (imperial) IPA

Light Copper


I've never heard of this brewery before.  I don't think they sell it in the Greater Vancouver Area.  I got my hands on this one through a friend of mine who went to Edmonton and brought it back for me.  I'm so glad that she did because I believe that this is my first out of province (not country) review.

I love the smell of this beer.  It has a sharp citrus aroma that really gets you excited to taste it.  The body of it is cloudy like you would find in a Wheat beer.  In my opinion, the hop flavor was on the lighter side and so was the malt taste.  This beer has 70 IBU's but when you taste it, it tastes even more bitter and the aftertaste stays in your mouth for a long time.  It's a beer that makes you want to gargle with mouthwash after every taste.  However, the beer is clean and crisp.  It's a little high on the carbonation that's why it has that crispness to it.  With all that said, a really good Cuban Cigar will go well with this beer.  Sit back, sip and have a cigar. 

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