Thursday, 7 March 2013

Twenty Pounder double IPA

Driftwood Brewery

Victoria, British Columbia

Double IPA



This beer has been on my list for as long as I first heard about it.  I actually had this beer in my fridge for almost 2 weeks.  I have no idea why it took me this long to open it.  But, I have to tell you that it was well worth the wait.  This one is up there on my list of double, imperial, strong (whatever you want to call it) IPAs.  The smell doesn't pop out at you, but when you dive your nose into it, you can smell the gentle citrus aroma wafting about.  It has a really good malt taste and the body itself has a unique thickness to it.  I guess you can say that the the flavor creates a thickness that hits you like a cannonball fired from the cannon depicted on the bottle.  The finish is smooth with a slight crisp and the aftertaste it medium to heavy but it does dissipate rather quickly.  I think that Driftwood Brewery did an excellent job creating a double IPA that gives you that punch and great taste that is missing in a lot of double IPA's that I've had.  This is a definite must try. 

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