Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA

Whistler Brewing Company

Whistler, British Columbia

IPA (India Pale Ale)



Just to go off topic for a second, I just want to say that Whistler is the most beautiful place on Earth.  To have brewery producing great quality beer in the most beautiful place on Earth is an added bonus.  This beer is what I like to call a "Hidden Assassin".  What do you do first when you have the glass in front of you?  You smell it of course.  But when you smell it, it's very sublte.  You can, however, smell the fruity aroma but you really have to dig deep to get it.  BUT, when you taste it, it's a whole new world.  The flavor takes over and you're loving it.  It has a great hop flavor with just enough bite where the aftertaste is bitter, but is kept to a medium level.  It has a really good full bodied malty taste to it that leaves you wanting more.  It's also a mellower IPA because it's naturally carbonated.  Some people might think that it's kind of flat, but to me, that's exactly how they wanted it to be.  And that's exactly what makes this beer smooth and unique.  And that's exactly why I like it so much.  I think that Whistler Brewing Company did a really good job on this IPA and is very comparable to the other local Northwest Style IPA's out there.

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