Sunday, 14 April 2013

Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF)

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Petaluma, California

Brown Ale

Dark Copper (Brown)

7.85% (Damn that's precise)

Lagunitas Brewing Company brew the coolest beers.  I love the names that they have for all their beers.  This one in particular is rather long and, to me, makes no sense to the taste and style.  But I figure that's what they're going for.  Right away you can smell the hops.  It is, however, subtle and not in your face but it's there and has a hint of floral and spice to it.  It's very smooth and has a full bodied malt taste.  The bitterness is medium and the aftertaste lingers enough where you can feel it in your throat.  You can tell that they use roasted malts because it has an earthy tone to it with a hint ( and I mean HINT) of chocolate.  I really enjoyed this beer.  It's definitely not for everyone but for people who appreciate a well crafted, full bodied beer, this one is rather tasty.

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