Friday, 31 May 2013

Humphrey Biere De Garde

Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Vancouver, British Columbia

Strong Pale Ale



Biere de Garde basically stands for "Beer for Keeping".  Usually this type of beer is brewed then stored for a certain amount to time then it is released.  Parallel 49's version of this style of beer is one that you absolutely cannot pass up.  The aroma is very, very light.  You can barely smell it.  If your nose is keen then you can detect the slightest smell of caramel and maybe a bit of rose.  But just because you can barely smell it doesn't mean that it's lacking in flavour.  The flavour of this beer will make you want to drink this beer over and over.  It has a great malt taste and you can definitely taste the caramel.  It's sweet but subtle enough where it won't satisfy your sweet tooth.  The taste has a thickness to it and it's also very smooth with no aftertaste.  The finish is of caramel and maybe a bit of honey?

1 comment:

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