Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Space Dust IPA

Elysian Brewing Company

Seattle, Washington


Dark Golden


When I saw this beer I had to grab it.  I love the image on the bottle.  It might seem funny but the image of the Hop bud vomitting space dust looks like my brother.  And as an added bonus, I love IPA's as well so I figured this to be a win/win situation.  I was pretty surprised by this beer.  I'm not saying this beer was bad, I actually really liked it.  However, it wasn't what I was expecting, even from the colour.  I thought it would be a little darker than it was.  The smell was fantastic as it had a nice citrus aroma that smelled of subtle orange zest.  The taste was more on the mellow side which surprised me.  It didn't have that bite that I was expecting from a 7.2% IPA.  But the taste was smooth and hoppy but not as hoppy as other IPA's with the same 70 IBU's that I've had.  The finish is also smooth and the aftertaste is on the medium side.  Like I said, I liked this beer and I strongly recommend it to anyone who thinks that IPA's are too strong or tastes too bitter.  I would get this one again. 

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