Friday, 5 July 2013

Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale

Whistler Brewing Company

Whistler, British Columbia

Flavoured Ale

Dark Copper


This is my second review of Whistler Brewing Company.  One thing that I recently found out and that I should tell you is that they brew and bottle all their beers in Kamloops, British Columbia.  However, they do brew small batches for tastings and Growler fills on site at their "Brewery" in Whistler.  To me, it doesn't bother me where they brew it.  But I thought that they use only pure Whistler glacier water in all their beers?  What ever the truth is, I'm just curious (and will find out soon) to know if a bottle of their Honey Lager, for example, tastes the same as it would in the Growler.  Probably not.  Don't read to much into this though, I do like the beers that they brew. 

Then there's the Cheakamus Chai-Maple Ale.  The smell is just like a Chai Tea that you would order at your favourite coffee shop but with maple syrup.  I really like the smell.  You only need to taste it once to figure out that maple syrup is the key flavour in this beer.  There's also a subtle spice that you would get in a Chai tea.  I guarantee you that the first 5 sips of this beer will turn you off but after that it does grow on you.  The taste is also smooth and, depending on your taste, you can slightly (and I mean very slightly) taste a bit of smokeyness to it.  I'm assuming that the result of the taste of chai and maple mixed together on your tongue.  The finish of light bitterness and the aftertaste is more Chai Tea than of Maple Syrup.  This is going to sound strange but this beer would taste really good with a glazed doughnut. 

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