Thursday, 8 August 2013

Driftwood Pale Ale

Driftwood Brewery

Victoria, British Columbia

Pale Ale

Light Copper


Driftwood Brewery crafts great quality beers.  One of the best beers I've ever had is their flagship beer called Fat Tug IPA.  If you haven't tried it, then you've been living under a rock. A close second to the Fat Tug is there Pale Ale simply called Driftwood Pale Ale. 

What threw me at first was the color.  Before I poured it, I just assumed that it was going to be a typical copper or dark copper color but it's not.  But when you get into this beer, who the heck cares about the color.  The smell has a great balance of hop and citrus aroma.  It has a light malt taste and more of a medium/heavy hop flavor.  It's clean, refreshing, and has a smooth finish.  The aftertaste is more on the heavier side but doesn't linger on the sides of your tongue.

One thing that I should tell you however, is that if you're not into IPA's then you should skip past this one.  Yes it's a Pale Ale and not an India Pale Ale but it's more hop forward than your average pale ale.  But!!!! before you freak out, this beer will give you a taste of what an IPA is all about and hopefully after trying this beer, you'll go and pick up it's bigger brother, the Fat Tug IPA. 

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