Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Outta Wack Mango Wheat Ale

Old Yale Brewing Company

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Flavoured Wheat Ale

Cloudy Dark Yellow


I'm not a wheat (hefe, white, and so forth) beer drinker but I will dabble in the flavoured variety once in a while.  So having said that, I have to admit something... When I had this beer, I was sampling it with a few people.  After the first glass, I told them that I'd be back in a second, and went out to grab a couple more bottles.  Yup, this beer is that good.

Right away you can tell that the mango is the main focus (title does say mango right?) because you can smell it without even putting your nose right up to the glass.  Along with the mango there are tiny hints of other fruit but it's very minor.  This beer is very smooth and very refreshing and it does have a thickness (body) to it.  What can I say about the taste?? It's all about the mango because they use the pure nectar of said mango when brewing this beer.  The mango taste is rich and leaves you wanting more.  Very yummy and very refreshing!!  It has a slightly crisp finish and a very clean aftertaste.

This is a fantastic summer beer because of it's refreshing taste, and the use of a refreshing fruit.  The mango.  Even if you're like me and don't like wheat beer, you'll want to try this one.  You're welcome!!

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