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Central City Brewing Grand Opening Media Preview

I was absolutely honored to be invited to Central City Brewing's Media Preview for their grand opening of their new state-of-the-art 65,000sq/ft facility.  This year also marks their 10th anniversary and what a way to celebrate by unveiling this gorgeous new brewery. 

Here's a little history about them from their press release and from what I've been able to gather:
 They first opened back in 2003 as being pretty much the only brewpub in the area and for all of Surrey for that matter.  The location that they were in (the original restaurant and brewery are still located on the original site) wasn't exactly the best area to be around, especially at night.  But the brewpub and liquor store, located next door, was so popular that people came out in droves, even from Vancouver to enjoy what they had to offer.  In 2005 the brewery launched a canning line which enabled them to sell their beer at their own liquor store.  That was a huge bonus to anyone that wanted to drink their award winning beer at home. 

Being so popular and getting big way too fast put them at a crossroads because back in 2009, they reached full capacity.  Always wanting to achieve more and to push the envelope, they leased a piece of land not far from their original site to accommodate the growing demand.  But it didn't stop there!  The one area that lacks
view of the distillery
attention and is dominated by the European market is distillery.  Their new 65,000 sq/ft facility also has distilling capabilities enabling them to add craft distilled gin, vodka, rye, and single malt whiskeys.  But you're going to have to wait for the whiskey and rye because as of right now, they're only making vodka and gin.  Their gin however, is flavored and their last batch included orange peel, lemon peel, coriander, chicory, juniper berries and cinnamon, giving their gin a nice licorice flavor.  
preview of their gin bottle

Just like their Red Racer brand of beer, their distillery is also going to have a brand called Seraph, meaning winged person not necessarily an angel.  Once you enter their store, you can see the huge statue of the Seraph. 

As soon as I walked in I was greeted right way by Yvonne.  She's the PR Rep for Central City.  She was very friendly and gave me the low down of what was in store for all of us that night.  She also directed me inside to their tasting room where they had an assortment of cheese, meat and bread products.  Very tasty.  So before I grabbed my first beer, I decided to walk around their store to have a look around.  Inside their store you'll find a wide variety of merchandise to buy from clothing and glassware all the way to a beer pong set.  There is also a nice Red Racer Motorcycle on display (don't sit on it).  Because it's a huge concrete building full of aluminum and metal, getting a cell signal is pretty much non existent inside depending on your cellphone provider so you're going to have to go out to the parking lot if you want to tweet, instagram etc.

Red Racer Motorcycle
When I was done walking around I went to their tasting room to enjoy their beer and great food that they had.  I was joined by my buddy Scott (local blogger and man about town) to chat with other bloggers and staff and to really enjoy our surroundings.  I was really fortunate to try their brand new Special 10th Anniversary Imperial Porter.  It's an in-house collaboration porter.  Each bottle is blended in batches from their original brewhouse and from their new brewery which is then barrel aged for a year.  It is very smooth, has a great smokey flavor from the roasted malts and has a light whiskey kick at the end.  Very enjoyable and a definite must try.  They are going to start selling it at their new brewery starting this Friday during their public open house. And remember, Growler fills start at just $11!!!

Finally the time came for us to go over and have a tour of their new state-of-the-art brewing facility.  We were met by Gary Lohin, Brewmaster and Partner, who gave us a first hand, detailed tour.  He went into great detail about the brewing process of their new distillery.  There was so much info for me to absorb that I recommend for you to go for a tour and see for yourself.  It is recommended that you call ahead to secure your spot.  For more information, go to their website  You can also follow them on Twitter

Just to give you more detail, here's the difference between the original brewery and their new brewery:
Notes of interest

Yvonne Chiang is a Freelance Publicist and PR Consultant who is also the PR Rep for Central City's new facility.

Scott Graham is beer/food blogger that hosts many events around town to support local charities.
You can follow him on Twitter
He also the founder of South Fraser Beer Club
You can also follow sfbc on twitter

Gary Lohin, Brewmaster, has over 20 years of brewing experience working at different breweries and of course, brewing for Central City.  In 2003, he became a partner and has personally overseen 2 major expansions in production capacity.  Under his leadership, Central City as become a leading Craft Brewer, recognized on the national and international stage with multiple awards.

**Some of the information on this post was directly from their press release and fact sheet.

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  1. Amazing facility! Can't wait to see the spirits released as well!