Saturday, 9 November 2013

Harvest Honey Pale Ale

Tin Whistle Brewing Company

Penticton, British Columbia

Seasonal Flavored Pale Ale

Light Copper


Useless trivia time... Did you know that Tin Whistle was the first Brewery to open up in the Okanagan?  Yup.  I've enjoyed a few beers that they've brewed.  Scorpion anyone?  This is one that is not too bad but it's nothing to yell about over a crowed beer festival.  What I really like about this beer is that it's hoppier (they use fresh Cascade Hops) than a regular pale and the addition of wild flower honey, makes this beer stand out.  The floral and citrus aroma is very present in this beer and you don't even need to close your eyes to smell it.  The very first taste, tastes like a regular pale ale.  Use that first taste as a pallet cleanser because after that, the flavor starts to come into play.  It has a unique citrus taste at first then blends into a honey smoothness.  This beer has a really smooth taste, crisp finish, and a slightly bitter aftertaste.  All in all, this beer is really well balanced and will not leave you begging for a glass of water. 

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  1. When I gone to my old village 20 km away from my present house, I feel so free to make a tour in the near Brewery, the place make me feel happy as when i went there I found my childhood friend there. So i like the Honey to bring little sweet in my personal life.