Saturday, 15 February 2014

Olde Sailor's India Pale Ale

Mission Springs Brewing Company

Mission, British Columbia

India Pale Ale (IPA)



The first time I ever went to Mission Springs pub was when I was about 20.  Yes it was many moons ago.  But that was the time when I was drinking the regular crap beer (Canadian, Kokanee etc)  The food was great and the staff was really friendly.  To be honest, that was the last time I ever went there.  Not that I had a bad experience, it was because it was too far for me to go to enjoy a brew.  When they started to bottle their beer, I was really excited.  Finally their beer came to me.

When I walked into my local liquor store and saw this IPA, I just had to have it.  I felt nostalgic.  At first the aroma was a little hard to detect.  You really have to stick your nose deep into the glass to smell the citrus scent.  However, what I did was that I poured it in a glass and let it breath for a bit.  I let it warm up.  Once it was warm that's when I really took in the aroma.  It has a really good deep malt flavor.  Slightly nutty and chocolaty. This beer is what I (and others) like to call a hop bomb.  Seriously, the IBU of this beer is 75!  Damn that's hoppy.  And bitter to boot.  It's really smooth and goes down really easy.  The finish is not sharp but the aftertaste (75 IBUs remember) lingers for a while.  This beer is perfect for those who like IPA's and want to try out an Imperial version (imperial IPA, double IPA etc.)  It's a great go between the two.