Monday, 3 March 2014

Kettle Valley Amber Ale

The Tin Whistle Brewing Company

Penticton, British Columbia

Amber Ale



I've had a few beers from The Tin Whistle Brewing Company so I expected great things from this beer.  I've had a lot of amber ales so I expected this one to compete.  However, it's a good beer but it's not as good as the other Amber Ales that I've had.  First off, the aroma is hard to find.  You really have to dig deep to get the subtle sweet smell.  It has a pretty good caramel malt flavor but it's not as deep as they say it is.  It's crisp and it's clean at the beginning but it has a bitterness that I didn't expect from an Amber Ale.  The taste is smooth but the aftertaste lingers for quite some time.  Too long for my taste.  I'll tell you one thing, this Amber Ale is one that you can bypass.  But, if you like ESBs and want to try one that is different and sweeter than the rest, then this beer is right for you.  

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