Sunday, 9 March 2014


Surlie Brewing Company

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Porter (smells and tastes like one)

Dark Copper


First off, before I begin taking about this beer, I just want to welcome Abbotsford, to the British Columbia Craft Beer Revolution.  Surlie Brewing is the newest brewery to open up around these parts.  So new that even their website is under construction.  But, if they wanted to make an entrance, they did a really good job with their first bottle beer, Solitaire.  The caramel aroma really stands out when you pour it in the glass.  The smell has a really good combination of sweet and savory.  The body of the beer is really smooth (porter quality) with a slight smokey flavor.  The smoothness also carries on to the finish with only a slight bitterness.  The aftertaste lingers but it's really enjoyable.  I think that this beer is a really good introduction to Surlie Brewing and I'm really looking forward to what else they have in their arsenal.  Great job guys!

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