Friday, 18 April 2014

Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale

Howe Sound Brewing

Squamish, British Columbia

Pale Ale

Light Copper


I don't usually talk about Pale Ales because, to me, they all taste pretty much the same.  I love it when Breweries change it up a bit and Howe Sound Brewing has done just that.  You can smell the honey but it's very faint.  But just because the smell of honey is faint doesn't mean that it's a bland tasting beer.  Far from it. The taste is very refreshing with a little sharpness to it that makes it a really great beer to have on a hot day instead of your typical summer beer.  The aftertaste is very smooth and that's where the honey comes into play.  The taste of this beer is amazing with the honey flavor and it's lightly hopped making it a well balanced beer.  The aftertaste isn't bitter at all.  In fact, it leaves a great scent in your mouth (no jokes please :) If you're like me and think that all Pale Ales all taste the same, try this one.  You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Nice bolltle I like to test it one mor etimes.