Thursday, 12 June 2014

Central City's New Red Racer Copper Ale

Central City Brewing

Surrey, British Columbia

Amber Ale

Copper (obviously)

5% @ 23 IBU

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some major news from Central City Brewing.  The first news is major and the second news...meh, not so much.  So lets get started on the major news shall we?

Central City has introduced a new beer to their Red Racer Brand.  It's called their  Copper Ale.  It's a great looking can but to me it looks way too complicated.  But the flavor of this beer is anything but complicated. It has a really good caramel aroma that you can smell right away.  No need to dig deep on this one.  It's a light tasting beer that is very smooth and easy tasting.  It's full bodied with a really pronounced caramel malt taste. The finish is very clean with little aftertaste.

Central City is know for their beer.  The majority of the beer that they brew are hoppy.  (IPA, ESB Etc..) Their Copper Ale is a nice break from the norm.  This beer is very easy to drink and it will definitely please the masses.  The Copper Ale is a far cry from their other Red Racer brand beers.  This beer would be a perfect summer beer and, since it's sold in cans, it would make the ultimate camping beer.

Ok so here's the second news coming out of Central City Brewing.  I'm sure that you're all aware of Central City's Red Racer ESB right?  Well, they've rebranded their ESB and now it's called Red Racer India Style Red Ale.  Why you ask? Here's the answer.. Just like the Copper Ale, they want to make it sound more appetizing to the general public.  To me that's understandable because in Surrey, BC, the masses like their Canadian, Bud and all that shit.  People need to embrace Central City and the beer that they brew because they'll realize that Craft Beer is taking over and Breweries like Central City, have way better alternatives to the B|ig Brand Breweries.

The next time you walk in to your local Liquor Store, you'll soon realize that both cans look almost exactly the same.  So be careful when choosing either the Copper Ale or the India Style Red Ale (formally know and their ESB). I hope that they'll redesign at least one of them so that the can does not look alike and does not look so frickin' busy.

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