Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bad Tattoo - Kind of a Big Dill IPA

Bad Tattoo Brewing

Pentiction, British Columbia

India Pale Ale (Seasonal)


7.72% @ 90 IBU's

So this is my first ever seasonal beer review.  The reason why I'm posting this beer is because I'm hoping that it will be a recurring seasonal.  It was first available starting the first week of September of this year and they think that it will last well into December.  After that, it's gone.  Depending on the in-brewery sale of this IPA, they may bring it back next year. 

It's an interesting drink because of the dill.  They use Sorachi Ace hops sourced from Washington that give it a unique bitterness that has a dill flavour to it.  The body of this IPA looks a little hazy reminding me of a Belgium IPA.  It has a light citrus aroma with just a hint of dill.  This beer is very smooth with a light dill taste.( I know I've used the word "dill" a lot) It has more of a deep grapefruit taste but that's just my opinion, other people's taste can vary as it did with my wife.  This IPA has a pretty heavy aftertaste that lingers well after you're ready for your second sip.  Don't get me wrong, it has a very flavorful aftertaste that begs for another sip.  I really like this beer and I know that you will too.  Let's make it a seasonal that they will brew every year and one day make it a regular brew. 

When you're in Penticton, don't just try the beer, you need to try their pizzas too.  After all, they call themselves a brewery and a Pizzeria.  They have the most epic pizza's that I've every had.  They have all different kinds.  Not only is their beer unique their pizzas are also not the norm.  Check out their website and look at the pizza options.  You will not be disappointed. 

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